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Overnight Parking Trespass

The Problem: Overnight parking can bring a host of problems to your property. For shopping plazas it can devalue the property and deter potential customers from shopping in your tenants stores.

The Solution: Our patrol team makes contact with the occupant of the vehicle and asks them to leave the area. Dash cam and body cam are turned on to document the event.

Broken Down Vehicles

The Problem: Like overnight parking trespassers, broken down vehicles can also devalue your property and prevent customers from returning to your plaza. They take up space and can invite other broken down vehicles to be parked on your property.

The Solution: Select Patrol documents the vehicle with our specialized parking enforcement software. We then place a warning parking slip on the front windshield and wait to get authorization from property management to tow.

Big Rig Overnight Parking

The Problem: We find this a common occurrence in shopping plazas. Particularly, for those who are located next to freeways. Big Rigs can make it a habit of parking their large trucks at your plaza and return every night on most occasions. This not only takes up a large amount of space on your property, but also can take up customer parking.

The Solution: Our patrol officer does his best to make contact with the owner of the truck. If no owner is found, then a warning slip is placed on the windshield. If the big rig returns back to the plaza, then local law enforcement is called to the property.

Guest Parking Monitoring

The Problem: Most residential properties, such as apartments and condos, have unassigned parking spaces for guests of the residents to park in. This is courtesy on behalf of the property, however, often times these spaces are misused. Residents who do not want to pay for an extra parking space tend to park their extra vehicles here. This can go on indefinitely, if not attended to.

The Solution: Our team documents with photo each night a vehicle is parked in Guest Parking. Once the allowed time has been violated, property management will be sent a full report of the vehicles description and dates it has been parked in Guest Parking. Vehicles are then towed at the owners expense.

1 Hour Parking Control

The Problem: Depending on location, a plazas 1 Hour Guest Parking can be misused for a number of reasons. If by a college, students who cannot find parking at their school are likely to park in whatever space they are able to find at a shopping plaza. This is true for residents at nearby properties, special events, parks, theaters, etc...

The Solution: Our patrol team monitors 1 Hour Parking permissions and will tow (with property managements authorization) any vehicles who are in violation of the allowed time.

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