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Select Patrol was founded in Pasadena, CA. Since it’s inception in 1984, Select Patrol has developed and used both it’s patrol vehicle and it’s officer’s boots to cover each property thoroughly. Getting out of a patrol vehicle and physically walking around a building is something no other company has to offer. Select Patrol has been doing this for more than 30 years.

Select Patrol Patrol Officer


Our patrol service is greatly different than that of a typical security company. We felt our patrol uniforms should reflect this as well. Our senior patrol officers are given a badge and a bullet proof vest for safety and status within our company. No other company goes above and beyond for it’s patrol officers.

Select Patrol Dash Cam


Select Patrol continues to separate itself from the typical security company. We provide our patrol officers every possible tool on the market to effectively patrol and secure an area.

We installed sophisticated dash cameras in each of our patrol vehicles to document events inside and outside of the vehicle, we equipped our patrol offers with body cameras when everyone else in the industry shied away from them, we partnered with a great security software company so our clients could see our patrol officers at work in real time, and now Select Patrol is looking to the sky for another great step into the future…


Body Cam Videos
Dash Cam Videos
Paperless Reports Made
Documented Events with Photo

We are Select Patrol

Select Patrol offers patrol security to Los Angeles and Orange County. We service both commercial and residential properties.

Our commercial property security service incorporates heavily on the use of our real time checkpoint system through our smart phone security software. This allows Select Patrol management, as well as client property management, to view the status of Select Patrol patrol officers.

Our checkpoint scans our sent to a web portal that is viewable in real time and also displays any report information (security issues, emergency maintenance issues, captured photos, towed vehicles, etc…) Urgent reports are marked as so and are immediately sent via email to both Select Patrol management and client property management.

On the other hand, our community patrol security service focuses more so on the forum section of our site. Our community forum can be configured to be private and only open to members of a community or to residents of an apartment complex, condo, gated community, etc…

We post our captured body cam videos, dash cam videos, officer reports, news, announcements, and other events the community should be aware of.

Community members are able to comment on our post, post their own topics, and talk with other members of their community.

If you are interested in having a private forum set up for your community, please contact us to get started.

GPS recorded checkpoints

Real time reports with urgent email notification

Private community forum

Body cam videos, dash cam videos, photo documentation and paperless reports

Popular Questions

Yes, we do offer custom services. Please tell us more about your desired services here and we’ll be in contact shortly.

We post daily to our community forums.

To register and become a member for our Los Angeles County Community Patrol, visit us here.

Yes, we do offer a special parking enforcement service for both commercial and residential properties. We record each vehicle by description, make, model, license plate or VIN number with a time stamped photo document for no disputes.

We service the entire Los Angeles and Orange County area.


We are the best in the business.
Select Patrol Google Review

“Best service! Best Company!!!!!”

Gabriel C./Google Review

Select Patrol Google Review

“We have used Select Patrol for several years to manage the parking at our retail shopping plaza. Besides immensely improving the quality of parking experience for all of our tenants and customers, Darin and his team are amazing at handling any issues that may arise day to day. I would strongly recommend to anyone in need of parking facilities management to use Darin and Select Patrol, you will not be disappointed.”

Alex H./Google Review

“Great patrol service for my condo in Fullerton”

Shane B./Google Review

Select Patrol Google Review

“I highly recommend Select Patrol! They’re always providing the most excellent service and are willing to go far and beyond for their clients.”

Ellen B./Google Review

Select Patrol Google Review

“I worked with Select Patrol as a patrol security guard for a few months starting in mid 2016, and had a great experience there. Whenever I had questions or concerns there was always somebody I could reach out to, and my coworkers were all great to work with. I would highly recommend this company.”

Reuben U./Google Review

Area Secured.

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