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Illegal Lodging

We help to deter and remove illegal lodging from your property.

Our patrol team is trained to identify illegal lodging, document it, and report it immediately. Select Patrol then works with both the client and law enforcement to remove the current lodging issue and to prevent others from reappearing in the future.



Select Patrol’s patrol team is carefully trained to recognize signs of loitering and to discourage acts such as panhandling. Our patrol officers engage such violations professionally, firmly, and respectfully.

Unfortunately, both these acts contribute to disturbing business activity. We do our best to identify the problem, defuse the situation, and create a peaceful environment.


Unsecured Doors and Gates

Left opened doors and gates is a very common occurrence in large and small business buildings. Finding unsecured doors is one of the most common security issues we come across. A left open door can mean thousands of dollars in stolen property in a matter of seconds. Our patrol team checks for open doors and gates, reports any findings with photo documentation, and securely closes the doorway or gate before leaving the area.

Graffiti Removal and Prevention

We document and report all signs of graffiti immediately.

The war against graffiti vandalism is never ending, however, Select Patrol is trained to help prevent graffiti vandalism in both residential and commercial properties.

Select Patrol goes a step further in helping to keep the Los Angeles area clean by reporting all graffiti vandalism to The City of Los Angeles through the MyLA311 app.

Through the MyLA311 app Select Patrol is able to request popular city services such as graffiti removal.

**MyLA311 is available for everyone to download. You may download the app here.**


Prevention and Documentation

Property management is immediately notified of any break-ins.

Break-ins can happen at anytime or in anyplace. Luckily, Select Patrol offers every possible tool to document, report, and prevent future break-ins. Our patrol officers establish the crime scene, call proper authorities, secure the area until the authorities arrive, document the crime scene with photo and video, and follow up with a real time paperless report through our security software.

Parking Enforcement

Guest Parking Monitoring and Unauthorized Parking

Guest parking monitoring is crucial in maintaining a balance of open space for guests to park on your property. Whether it is residential or commercial, Select Patrol offers a specialized software program for monitoring vehicle parking time complete with photo documentation.

Unauthorized parking is another big issue property owners and management companies face in trying to keep their parking spaces open for customers and tenants. Unauthorized parking comes in many forms (illegal handicap parking, overnight parking, occupied overnight parking, time limit violation) to name a few.

Select Patrol helps to solve these problems by identifying violators, documenting their vehicle description and license plate number, and towing the vehicle if necessary.

Select Patrol Illegal Parking
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