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Elevators - Hidden Areas

Elevators are a common place to find transients and trespassers. Elevators provide a small shelter for those who are looking to stay overnight. Unfortunately, this causes a major safety concern for tenants or residents of the building who are looking to utilize the elevator. Especially those who are disabled.

Select Patrol respectfully, but firmly, asks the elevator occupants to leave the area. This is good example of the advantages our vehicle + foot patrol service has to offer. A simple drive-by patrol would not have been able to see through the elevator doors, nor the occupant inside.

Areas Missed By A Simple Vehicle Patrol

More often than not, break ins, vandalism, trespassing, or loitering do not occur in plain site. Violators know this and you know this. The only ones who are left out of the loop are the patrol companies who strictly stay within their vehicles during patrol.

This leaves areas of your property unsecured and vulnerable to surprises when you or your tenants arrive to your property the following morning.

Select Patrol’s system of vehicle + foot patrol ensures your property will be completely patrolled and no areas missed. A full patrol of your property means no surprises in the morning for you or your tenants.

Community Patrol

Select Patrol offers a unique community patrol unlike anything in the industry. We document all events with our body cam, dash cam, and security software. We then build a private members only forum for our community members and post all of our video and reports directly onto the forum.

Our community patrol members will then be able to view our posting and reply through comments on the forum. Community members are also able to post their topics and share what they have seen or heard within the community.

Our forum brings Select Patrol and the community together in ways no other security company can.

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