Vehicle + Foot Patrol

Our niche patrol service of vehicle and foot patrol work together to completely cover your property. This means our patrol officers physically step out of their vehicle and check all areas of your property. This includes elevators, stairwells, recreation rooms, pool, conference rooms, etc…

Just a few examples of what Select Patrol has to offer.

Photo Documentation Is Key

One of the biggest concerns when hiring a security patrol company is, “How do I know they actually stopped by?” To answer this, Select Patrol photo documents specified tasks set forth by the client.

Tasks such as locking gates, securing areas known for high activity, and placing parking warning slips on vehicles. All of which is viewable anytime by the client online.

The Best Parking Control in Los Angles and Orange County

Select Patrol has equipped all of their patrol officers with security smartphone software to accurately and effectively monitor parking. Select Patrol specializes in guest parking, hourly parking, and unauthorized parking control.

Transient Deterrent

Unfortunately, the Los Angeles and Orange County area is known to house less fortunate individuals. This may start to become a problem when individuals seek to lodge on private property.

Select Patrol trains it’s patrol officers to firmly and respectfully ask those who trespass to leave the area. Above all else, Select Patrol holds high standards for it’s patrol officers when dealing with transients.

Dash Cam Video

Trespass Select Patrol
Illegal Lodging Select Patrol
Parking Violation Select Patrol

Courtesy Patrol

Our patrol officers physically step out of their patrol vehicle and cover the interior of your property.

Smartphone Security Software

We equip our patrol officers with security software to make paperless reports, photo document security and maintenance issues, and to scan QR checkpoints around your property. All of which is viewable online at anytime by the client.


Select Patrol management targets the hotspots for activity within a property and places a QR checkpoint in each specific area. Select Patrol officers are then able to scan the QR checkpoint with their smartphone security software to show their GPS location and to have an accurate time stamp sent to the online client portal.

Crime Deterrent

Our patrol team is trained to recognize signs of disturbance, record all important information (often with video and photo documentation), and call the appropriate authorities if the situation warrants so.

Lock Up and Openings

Our patrol team is prepared to lock up residential and commercial amenities on a nightly basis. Photo documentation is available.

Parking Enforcement

We are experts in parking enforcement. Our security software uses a specialized feature specifically for monitoring parking. Our software allows our patrol officers to record vehicle information with photo documentation to lessen any disputes.

Noise Complaints

Noise complaints our most frequent when dealing with residential communities such as apartments and condominiums. Our patrol officers respond to after hours noise complaints and politely ask the unit to turn down the volume.

Community Patrol

We service residential communities such as Home Owner Associations, Community Watch Groups, and other forms of community involvement groups.

Body Cameras and Dash Cameras

Each of our patrol officers are equipped with body cameras to record any interaction while out on the job. Furthermore, each patrol vehicle is equipped with a sophisticated dash cam that records the exterior and interior of the vehicle, speed, GPS location, and vehicle events such as sharp increase in speed and collisions.


  • Concept

    We familiarize ourself with your property to know the ins and outs


    Identify the problem and brainstorm possible solutions

  • Target

    Map out targeted patrols and mark hotspots for activity on your property

  • Patrol

    Finalize our plans and send out our patrol team to patrol and protect your property



Select Patrol has been protecting and service the Los Angeles and Orange County area since 1984. Our philosophy as a company has always been to go the extra step for our clients, literally.

In an industry where a security patrol is ultimately only done in a vehicle, Select Patrol stands out from the rest by offering a service no other security company has to offer.

Plain and Simple: Our security officers patrol by vehicle and by foot. Our officers physically step out of their patrol vehicles and walk inside, outside, through, up and over your property to ensure a 100% complete and thorough patrol.

It’s been that way since 1984 and will continue to be that way.

Darin Williams – Select Patrol Owner/Founder


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