Select Patrol Fact: Did you know Select Patrol has been in business since 1984? Our company has evolved from using pen and paper to using a highly sophisticated real-time reporting system, complete with a client web portal. Now our clients can view our team at work!

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Video: View our team out on patrol. 


Properties We Service

We service all residential properties: apartments, condos, HOA's, townhomes, gated communities, etc...

We service all commercial buildings: industrial, warehouse, medical, office, studio, construction, high rise, etc...

Services We Offer

Courtesy Patrol

Our patrol team secures your property's exterior by vehicle patrol and the interior by foot patrol to ensure your property is 100% secured. Learn more here.

Security Guard

Our security guards are professionally trained to monitor all aspects of your property and report any unusual findings immediately. Learn more here. 


After-hours amenities such as club rooms, pools, gyms, and meeting rooms can be closed and opened by our security team at any time requested by property management. Learn more here. 

Parking Enforcement

Our security team is able to monitor guest and time-sensitive parking by recording vehicles with our specialized parking enforcement software. Documentation is complete with a time-stamped photo. Learn more here. 

LIVE Camera Surveillance

Your property is monitored and protected by our security operations team at our command station. Your property is monitored for signs of trespassing, loitering, break-ins, theft, vandalism, and all other suspicious activity. Learn more here.

Illegal Dumping

Our security team is able to prevent and deter illegal dumping from occurring on your property by being a physical security presence with patrol or by an on-site guard. Furthermore, our security team can remotely monitor your property and document license plate numbers. Learn more here. 

Trespass Deterrent

Select Patrol team members are trained to recognize and deter any signs of trespass, loitering, lodging, and panhandling. Any interaction with suspicious individuals is documented via body cam. Learn more here. 

Lobby Security

Lobby security personnel are thoroughly trained to understand and comply all building procedures and protocol. Learn more here. 

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