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Video: View our team out on patrol.


LIVE Command Station

Crime Prevention

Break-ins, vandalism, theft, and other crimes can be prevented by our security team monitoring your property.

Benefits Include:

●  Immediate security or police dispatch

●  Video documentation for evidence

●  Auto and manual alarm siren triggers

LIVE Command Station

Our remote surveillance operators are able to perform a virtual guard tour live from our Command Station.

live guard tours

LIVE Guard Tours can be scheduled during specific times, at random or triggered by alarm or motion detection. 

LIVE Guard Tours

Complete visibility of your property: building exterior, interior, lobby area, parking lot, roof, warehouse, hallways, office units, and custom areas.

• Motion & audio detection
• Immediate alarm response + activation/deactivation
• Security patrol and police dispatch
• Real-time paperless reports
• Incident video sharing
• Client portal for remote client viewing

Two-Way Audio Deterrent

  • Suspicious Persons - Suspicous activity can be deterred before becoming criminal activity by our LIVE security operators notifying them they are being monitored.
  • Lodging Trespass - Our LIVE security operators are able to immediately notify lodgers they are trespassing in real time.
  • Panhandling - Violators who panhandle will be issued a warning to leave the area.
  • Custom Requests - We are able to install and operate our 2-way audio deterrent to monitor and react to any custom requests set by property management.
  • **Refusal by any person(s) to leave the area will warrant either a security or police response.**
2-way audio deterrent

Our remote LIVE surveillance operators are able to communicate through their headsets to speakers placed around your property to engage suspicous persons, trespassers, and loiterers.  

illegal dumping select patrol

LIVE security operators are ready at stand-by to deter illegal dumping by engaging individuals through 2-way audio. 

Two-Way Audio Deterrent (Illegal Dumping)

  • Illegal Dumping - The driver of the vehicle will be notified their vehicle information has been recorded. They will be asked to pick up items dumped by them and leave the area.

Employee Safety Escorts

Benefits Include:

  • Peace of mind when employees walk to their cars
  • Immediate 9-1-1 calls in the event of a crime or emergency
  • Surveillance before, during, and after your employees have left the building
employee safety escorts

Our live security operators are able to either provide a safety escort during a set time frame or at the request of your employees.

access control select patrol

Our command station is equipped to remotely grant and deny access to specified areas around your property. 

Access Control

Gate Access Control

Vehicles can request access from the control panel at the entrance gate. License plates can be recorded and stored at the request of management for documentation purposes.

Employee Access Verification

Employees can be added to a verification list by management so our security operators can grant or deny persons entry to the building.

Our verification list is complete with photo identification for precise clearance accuracy.

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